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Re: patch for fixes in NSToolbar and related

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: patch for fixes in NSToolbar and related
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 00:08:27 +0100
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Hi Wolfgang,

I see two problems with that patch. First you should not change the
whitespace in a file, this leads to patches that are bigger than needed
and also to wrongly formatted code.

Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> NSCell:
> - whenever the cell type would change, the _contents ivar would be set
>   to @"title". I changed it to do that only when _contents is unset.
>   Besides, I was not sure if setting @"title" was very useful but I let
>   it that way in case there was a reason. This fixes the case where
>   NSToolbar with displayMode set to LabelOnly would redefine the item
>   labels to "title".

The second problem is a bit more important. The code currently in the
NSCell setType: method follows closely the Apple specification. So you
either need to proove that what Apple states is wrong, or you should
find another solution for your actual problem. In this case it should be
as simple as to overwrite the setType: method on tne NToolbarCell class
to do nothing.


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