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Re: help!

From: A. Arias
Subject: Re: help!
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 12:46:20 -0600

First of all, you need install dev packages for jpg, png, ... Also,
seems like you have a gnustep installation. Remove this before. And
check if you have the objective-c compiler. Hope this help.

El mar, 12-06-2012 a las 12:44 -0300, Walter Nuñez escribió:
> I was trying install GNUstep and it gave me this error:
> “configure: error: Your compiler does not appear to implement the
> -fconstant-string-class option needed for support of strings.  Please
> check for a more recent version or consider using
> --enable-nxconstantstring”
> Regards, 
> Walter

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