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gnuzilla, iceweasel, thundersomewhat

From: Karl Berry
Subject: gnuzilla, iceweasel, thundersomewhat
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 15:13:10 -0500

Hi Alexander, and Giuseppe,

    If you want we can start a discussion on our mailing list, 

Yes, let's :).  Alexander, thank you very much for writing.  I took the
liberty of subscribing you to this list.

Adding thunderbird (lightningfish? :) to the gnuzilla project sounds
great to me.  I'm not sure the best way to organize it -- just a second
top-level directory in CVS?  (Obviously no problem to add you to the
savannah project.)  Is there significant shared code between firefox and

In addition to the trademarks, another thing that concerns us is the
large number of binary files in the firefox distribution.  For example,
there are a bunch of Windows executables.  We must remove all such
things before making a GNU release.  (I have a long list of files that
must be looked at.)  Have you looked at doing anything along those
lines?  Would you have any time to help in that respect?

BTW, I should mention that Giuseppe has done all the real work (and
there's been a lot of it, given how often mozilla internals seem to be
rearranged).  My input is basically just a little testing, tweaking the
web page, organization, etc.

Thanks again.  It wuold be great to move forward with this.


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