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LessZilla/SeaMonkey: artwork and builds

From: incognu
Subject: LessZilla/SeaMonkey: artwork and builds
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 23:34:55 -0600
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I've started doing some "third-party" SeaMonkey builds inspired by GNUzilla's
work on Iceweasel.

Two things:

1. I've rebranded them as "LessZilla" and used some GNU images in
creating/assembling artwork for them.  Specifically, I'm using modifications of
Joseph Reiss's gnu head, Brian Bush's slick gnu logo, and the gnu/GNUzilla logo
in the about.png for Iceweasel. I make it clear that my LessZilla isn't the
real LessZilla which hopefully GNUzilla will provide, and I link to GNUzilla.

1a. Is this use okay?
1b. If so, who is the creator of the logo.png/about.png in Iceweasel: I'd like
to give credit. (I really like this image, and would like to use a mod of it in
some throbbers for my themes as well.)

2.  Some of the scripts and imagework may be of interest to others.  I rebrand
with extremely simple shell scripts, but they work and may at least provide
pointers to some of the SM-specific files/images to be changed.

The image work also may be of interest.  In both cases, feel free to use any of

The builds themselves, and the scripts/patches and the logo images, are
available on my site:  http://www.incognu.com/builds.html

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