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iceweasel indic version

From: balachandar muruganantham
Subject: iceweasel indic version
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 22:38:55 +0530

Hi All,

Firefox  built with enabling pango support gives the indic
supported version. what i see is that, whenever any new releases
happen to the firefox source, i used to pull the latest source and
build the firefox with indic supported as mozilla foundation does not do this.

more over, i build the generic linux-x86 version of firefox so that
firefox runs on any linux not just limited to the distro i use. in the
same way, i would like to build iceweasel and more interested in
turning up to iceweasel than with firefox.

i have read all the issues with firefox licensing etc....
so what i would like to do is that, make iceweasel work for both
linux-x86 and windows platforms.

so let me know your thought on this....

<name> balachandar muruganantham</name>
<தமிழ்>http://www.balachandar.net/pakkangal  - எனது தமிழ் பக்கங்கள்</தமிழ்>

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