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Re: iceweasel indic version

From: balachandar muruganantham
Subject: Re: iceweasel indic version
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 10:30:46 +0530


On 3/18/07, Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden> wrote:
Personally I think there is no such need to have windows binaries, the
principal goal of the project is to have a complete free software application,
that doesn't contain or suggest to use proprietary plugins.  When the entire
operating system is proprietary it is not big difference.  Anyway, if you think
it can be useful, even to attract more users, why not :)

the reason why i wanted to windows version of iceweasel because, many
people in india use windows(pirated). what i am trying to help people
is that, promote the usage of Free/Open source applications on top of
windows. Its very difficult to promote the usage of linux but people
here are slowly migrating towards linux.

Personally I feel, the more the usage of Free / Open source
applications will help people understand about Free / Open source in
my country.

also i am interested in building generic linux x86 platform (indic
version supported) which i am doing now using Firefox.

i tried building from iceweasel source. but end up with error.
<name> balachandar muruganantham</name>
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