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Re: GNU IceCat and use with the alternate profile option

From: rmyster
Subject: Re: GNU IceCat and use with the alternate profile option
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 08:33:51 -0700

On 12/4/07, Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> address@hidden wrote:
> > I thought we do or did you find a way to get an executable icecat
> > script directly from compiling when including the nsBrowserApp.cpp
> > edit?  Is the icecat script in the icecat- tarball
> > from the compile or did you manually place it in there afterwards?
> I manually placed it there.  My original question is we need it at all?
> :)  Because run-icecat.sh does the job of setting up the initial
> environment.  Do you see other reasons to have/use the icecat script?

I don't see any purpose other than to call the run-icecat.sh script to
execute the binary.  However, in all the firefox based releases, I
think the customary usage has been to use the script which then calls
the binary through the run-firefox.sh script or equivalent.  If the
icecat script is removed(or not functioning as packaged) , users who
download the precompiled version may not know how to start icecat and
it may lead to confusion.  For those who compile the source
themselves, they may expect the icecat script to run like the firefox
equivalent.   Also, the remainder of the icecat script contents may be
significant on other distributions.  For those starting icecat
directly from the run-icecat.sh script, it probably doesn't matter.

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