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Re: plugins for GNU IceCat

From: Rodney Ross
Subject: Re: plugins for GNU IceCat
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 17:54:47 -0500

Giuseppe wrote:
As first step we could start offering at least a gnash .xpi file for

End Quote--------------------------------

  I guess the plugin directory will be `$(HOME)/.gnuzilla/plugins' so
  the '--plugin-dir' option will need to be passed to the compiler. I
  also see:
  Be sure and read the last line on above link as it says it is
  broken. I tried to build about a month ago in debian etch and
  the depends required libs from testing and I am on stable. Just
  for the record mplayer and xine (ffmpeg) can play FLV formats
  provided the file's address can be found. Would it be smart to
  use the same .xpi on ftp or http  that gnash-dev uses, since it
  is an official gnu project ? Perhaps help them get a plugin in place?
  Do they even have a binary for gnu/linux yet on their webpage ?

Rod Ross

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