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Re: plugins for GNU IceCat

From: Rodney Ross
Subject: Re: plugins for GNU IceCat
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 21:18:03 -0500

What follows is irc discussion for .xpi for icecat on freenode's gnash channel:

< myXtie> hi, the icecat (gnu firefox rebrand ) project is looking for an
                .xpi repository to point to for installation of a gnash (xpi
                binary) on gnu/linux x86
20:38 < myXtie> or is there a chicken and egg problem with some dists and libs
                that would prevent this ?
20:40 < bjacques> Have you looked at ubuntu's xpi? Might get some inspiration
                  from that
20:40 < hub> myXtie: and how to you handle package dependencies?
20:41 < myXtie> sure hub that is the chicken and egg
20:41 < myXtie> heh
20:41 < hub> apt-get instal gnash
20:42 < rsavoye> we haven't been making xpi packages, just rpm and deb. Ubuntu
 The GNU Flash Player - http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash - http://gnashdev.org
                 just uses .debs for the firefox plugin
20:43 < myXtie> sure I am on debian but the icecat project lead would like a
                binary he says that is more universal and is an xpi. I really
                did not think it was too feasible but thought I would check
20:45 < myXtie> 
20:46 < rsavoye> after our next release, O
20:46 < rsavoye> I'm planning on making binary packages for a bunch of
20:46 < rsavoye> but getting the release out is higher priority right now. :-)
20:47 < myXtie> So, I will relay the message to Giuseppe Scrivano ( Icecat lead
                ), I am Rod Ross (nobody)
20:49 < myXtie> he is really concern as is Stallman with finding a solution to
                the attempted automatic installation of non-free flash
20:49 < rsavoye> myXtie, I think we all are...
20:50 < rsavoye> hopefully the release is soon, then packages a few weeks later
                 unless somebody else volunteers to do it.
20:51 < rsavoye> I've actually been doing release testing all day, lots of
End irc chat -------------------------------------------------------------

I am open to making a .xpi just don't want to redo what someone else already
is doing, and .xpi is new to me. There is the whole dependency problem, with
libs. It is over my head right now, how to get it to backport to debian etch.
Rod Ross

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