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GNU IceCat 3.0.4 - ILO 0.6.17 does not work

From: Dmitri Gabinski
Subject: GNU IceCat 3.0.4 - ILO 0.6.17 does not work
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 21:34:15 +0200


I've installed compiled binaries of GNU IceCat 3.0.4-g1 in openSUSE 10.3 (sorry, still can't compile, as a true Unix user should :-). On startup, IceCat checked compatibility of my add-ons and issued no warning. However, ImgLikeOpera 0.6.17 (http://imglikeopera.mozdev.org/) does not work: I can't switch the image display mode neither with the selector in the right bottom corner, nor via Tools -> Add-ons menu.

This add-on, however, did work with IceCat 3.0.3. Well, where should I look to? Is there any way to rectify this problem?

Best regards,

Dmitri Gabinski

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