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Re: Include menu entries

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: Include menu entries
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 21:24:38 +0100
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Hi Iain,

thank you for the suggestion but I don't think these files should be
distributed with the IceCat binaries, they need to be in a specific
position while the IceCat binaries we distribute can be used from any
Last two files are present in the .deb package, as it is not installed
in a generic directory but in a specific one.


"Iain Dalton" <address@hidden> writes:

> I think IceCat should integrate as well with a DE as FireFox.  One
> step would be to have the equivalent to these files (at least the last
> 2) (that Firefox has on Ubuntu):
> /usr/share/menu/firefox-3.0
> /usr/share/bug/firefox-3.0/presubj
> /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/firefox-3.0.py
> /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop
> /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox-3.0.png
> I'm attaching all but the last in case you want to rebrand and use them.
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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