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compiling IceCat on mipsel

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: compiling IceCat on mipsel
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 00:53:21 +0200


I'm trying to compile Icecat on a mipsel netbook (Yeeloong), but I have
a problem.
I'm using gNewSense 3 (based on Debian stable) and I got the
dependencies by typing:

sudo apt-get build-dep iceweasel

Then I launched ./configure:

address@hidden:~/src/icecat-3/icecat-3.6$ ./configure
./configure: line 15: ././build/autoconf/mozconfig2configure: No such
file or directory

Lines 15-.. of configure say:

_AUTOCONF_TOOLS_DIR=`dirname $0`/./build/autoconf
. $_AUTOCONF_TOOLS_DIR/mozconfig2configure

In the root directory I don't have any build/
I'm not surprised it can't find build/autoconf/mozconfig2configure

Any pointer?

Please CC me as I'm not subscribed to this list.


PS: in the archives I just found this unreplied question:

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