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[Bug-gnuzilla] Impossible to install IceCat

From: xfs
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] Impossible to install IceCat
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 23:45:59 +0300


I cannot install IceCat using F-Droid on Android 4.1.2.

The app gets downloaded and when it comes to
installation, the required permissions are shown and I
have to choose between "Install" and "Cancel". I tap
"Install" (again and again to infinity) but the button
simply doesn't respond. So I have to tap "Cancel". I
have tried many times and it is always the same. Of
course I have allowed installation of apps from
external sources, that's not the issue. I have been
able to install other apps using F-Droid.

I tried to contact address@hidden several times but
each time their mail server fails to deliver the
message with a 550 5.7.1 error.

Can you help?

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