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Re: dfa.h / dfa.c diff versus gawk attached

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: dfa.h / dfa.c diff versus gawk attached
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:08:35 -0500

    So, sorry. For now, my source for regex is GLIBC.  If / when gnulib

If that works better for you, fine.  It makes little difference in terms
of the actual code.

For anyone using gnulib already (as I hope grep will), regex might as
well come from there too.

    regex can be dropped into gawk without all the goo, I'll reconsider.

Not going to happen.  Part of the purpose/benefit (obviously you don't
find it such :) of gnulib is all the autotools glop and goo.  Although
I'm a little surprised regex was tinkered with to such an extent, but I
guess I shouldn't be.

    In the meantime, gawk's regex also has some fixes vis a vis glibc that
    I don't think are in gnulib, but I don't have the cycles to do the merge.

Life goes on.  There have been umpteen versions of regex forever, I
don't suppose the situation will ever be resolved.


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