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bug#17420: [PATCH] grep: always convert fgrep to grep

From: Norihiro Tanaka
Subject: bug#17420: [PATCH] grep: always convert fgrep to grep
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 08:39:09 +0900

> Is there a better heuristic for deciding whether to use Commentz-Walter?

No, I have no idea.

> Can the Galil rule be adapted to Commentz-Walter?

No, I don't know even whether we can do it.

> Another possibility might be to replace Commentz-Walter with some other 
> algorithm (Aho-Corasick, modified Wu-Manber, etc.).

DFA is already like Aho-Corasick.  So even if we imprement them, there
will be no merit much in spite of big changes.

The argument has convinced me that we shouldn't apply the patch now.


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