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Re: nroff does not honor TYPESETTER

From: Michael G Schwern
Subject: Re: nroff does not honor TYPESETTER
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 14:43:55 -0800
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Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> nroff does not honor the TYPESETTER environment variable documented
>> in the "Troff User's Manual" page 31.
> `TYPESETTER' is implementation specific.  The corresponding
> environment variable for groff is `GROFF_TYPESETTER'.

Ahh, I didn't realize something similar already existed.  However, I believe
the nroff wrapper should still honor TYPESETTER as it is attempting to be
compatible with nroff and that's how nroff worked by my reading of the

Or are you saying that TYPESETTER was part of a specific implementation of 

>> SUGGESTED FIX [optional]:
>> If the TYPESETTER environment variable is set, use it rather than
>> guess based on the locale.
> I implemented that for GROFF_TYPESETTER.  Please test the CVS.

nroff now honors GROFF_TYPESETTER, thank you.

>> Additionally, I wouldn't be upset if groff stopped mapping ASCII
>> input characters into Unicode.
> This has been already discussed, and I'll fix that somehow for man
> pages (but not in general).

Thank you.  Will that apply to "nroff -man"?

On error resume stupid

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