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Re: nroff does not honor TYPESETTER

From: Michael G Schwern
Subject: Re: nroff does not honor TYPESETTER
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 11:31:15 -0800
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Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> However, I believe the nroff wrapper should still honor TYPESETTER
>> as it is attempting to be compatible with nroff and that's how nroff
>> worked by my reading of the documentation.
> You can't assume in general that the devices have the same name.  For
> example, `37', `450', `lp' are valid (TTY) nroff drivers for AT&T
> troff but not for groff.
>> Or are you saying that TYPESETTER was part of a specific
>> implementation of nroff?
> This is the only clean solution IMHO.

Ok, I bow to your expertise. :)

>>>> Additionally, I wouldn't be upset if groff stopped mapping ASCII
>>>> input characters into Unicode.
>>> This has been already discussed, and I'll fix that somehow for man
>>> pages (but not in general).
>> Thank you.  Will that apply to "nroff -man"?
> Yes.  The fix will be part of the man macros.

Excellent.  That will solve perldoc's issues.

You are wicked and wrong to have broken inside and peeked at the
implementation and then relied upon it.
        -- tchrist in <address@hidden>

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