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GRUB can't hear USB keyboard

From: Bruce Fowler
Subject: GRUB can't hear USB keyboard
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:21:11 -0500
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Legacy GRUB Folks,

This is probably not a "bug" in GRUB, but I would really appreciate
a hint or two that I can pursue to fix this problem. 

System: 5-yr-old white box Pentium 4 with Shuttle AV40 motherboard.
GNU GRUB 0.97 as distributed by Fedora, dual boot Fedora Core 5 and
Windows XP.

New equipment: Logitech wireless keyboard (I think it works like any
other USB keyboard, but without the wire.)


Step 1: Power-on brings up a BIOS password entry box. I can
type the password on the wireless keyboard, and it enters properly.
So I am talking to the BIOS OK.

Step 2: The GRUB menu comes up. Wireless keyboard is of no use,
none of the arrow or menu keys are heard by GRUB.

Step 3: After the menu times out, the default system boots fine, and
now the wireless keyboard works again.

Puzzlement: How do I get GRUB to listen to the Logitech wireless
keyboard?  If I have a second, PS2 keyboard plugged in, I can use that
to enter GRUB menu commands, it is only needed during Step 2 above.

I have looked through and tried out several grub.conf entries, but so
far haven't hit on the right combination.  Also, the GRUB and Fedora
FAQ's don't hit on this problem.  Have you seen this before?  
Got a fix? THANKS !!

Bruce Fowler  732-758-0596
40° 21.24'N  -  74° 5.86'W

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