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Re: GRUB can't hear USB keyboard

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: GRUB can't hear USB keyboard
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 21:30:55 +0100
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Bruce Fowler escribió:
Step 1: Power-on brings up a BIOS password entry box. I can
type the password on the wireless keyboard, and it enters properly.
So I am talking to the BIOS OK.

Step 2: The GRUB menu comes up. Wireless keyboard is of no use,
none of the arrow or menu keys are heard by GRUB.
 Have you seen this before?
Got a fix? THANKS !!

I've lived something similar. Mandriva could not handle my mouse!
My mouse is an usb one... and it has a conversion hardware to ps/2.
That means that it is usually connected to ps/2 and thus to the system
is a ps/2 mouse.

Mandrake could not read ps/2 mouse!

If I connected the mouse directly to one my usb ports... voila... the
mouse worked ok.

My solution was to go into the bios and: DISABLE USB MOUSE.

In your case your solution is to go into the bios and: ENABLE USB KEYBOARD.

Once USB KEYBOARD is the Bios keyboard Grub will listen to it.

You were right ;) it is not a Grub problem.


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