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Re: How Do I Install GRUB Program Files to FAT32 Partition

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: How Do I Install GRUB Program Files to FAT32 Partition
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 21:34:42 +0100
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sburtchin escribió:
Although you can follow some manuals that tells you how to fix grub from a knoppix cd. (root (hd0,0) setup (hd0) )

I was'nt expecting it to be so easy!  So then the GRUB "root" can be on any
filesystem for which there is a "stage_1.5" file, and the install procedure
is the same (root (hd#,#) setup (hd#) )?

Yes, that's it. Well... not exactly.

If you want Grub to re-install you need two files: stage1 and stage2.
If you add the stage1_5 it is better because it may work on other
situations that stage1 and stage2 do not work ok.

I noticed that if I defrag, the stage_2 file can get moved, then GRUB can't
find it.  Is there a way to lock it down to a specific starting sector, just
as the os has certain files at predefined locations?
Short answer: NO.
Long answer: I will try to take my windows and run cmd or command.com
and see if :

attrib +s z:\boot\grub\stage2

( :) You can use the properties tab too on Windows!  and the system value)

forces defrag program not to move the stage2 file.

Could you clarify a couple of GRUB comands:

Does the command "partnew" only write values into the MPT (ie. the partition
itself is not touched)?
Yes. I've seen the source code and they only modify the mbr and thus
only the partition table.

Can I use eg. "partnew (hd1,2) 0x00 0 0" to blank one of the MPT entries? Is my syntax correct?

I suppose the syntax is right. As a the partition type Grub expects a
number... you can write it in hexadecimal notation and Grub parses it.

Is there an equivalent GRUB command for writing to EPT's?  OR, is there a
GRUB command that can write a specific sector?
I've made a very limited dd command on super grub disk (SGD is not
intended to work on hard disk and has not the partnew command but it can
be added.)

 I want to share an extended
partition, but the last logical partition for DOS & Win3.1 will be in the
middle of the extended partition for the more advanced os's.  Therefore, the
second  entry in this EPT should be different depending on the os being

Can you please ellaborate on this example? I like this complex boot
situations? Can you please tell us something as MS-DOS could see that if
it was created like that but if it is created the other way....

Can the command "parttype" be used with logical partitions as well as
primary ones (eg. "parttype (hd0,7) 0x0C")?

It seems that yes.

I've seen on the code that next_partition code... so ... it is possible
to modify the "mbr" of an extended partition.
That means that a enhanced partnew command could be written but I
currently do now the technical details (what numbers and values are
exactly written in the "partition table" of the extended partition)
about how all these things work.

If you can search documentation about it I may work on it sooner ( I
have currently other projects on mind. )


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