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[bug-gtypist] [Mihai Gătejescu] GNU Typist Translation Request

From: Felix Natter
Subject: [bug-gtypist] [Mihai Gătejescu] GNU Typist Translation Request
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2019 10:47:59 +0200
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hello GTypist users / translators,

for now we only have updated GTypist 2.10 translations for Polish,
Romanian an German. Since 2.10 adds a new "welcome screen", I think
translation is important.
So would any one of you consider adding/updating a translation?

Cheers and Best Regards,

--- Begin Message --- Subject: GNU Typist Translation Request Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 23:55:27 +0000
  Hello typing enthusiasts,

  Nice to meet you! Almost two months ago I've became the new project
  And I am happy to announce that me and Felix are considering the next
  release of GNU Typist (sometime next year).
  For this we need help with the translation.  The latest development
  build has a new welcome message that has not been localized yet and
  other small changes.
  I have already provided a complete Romanian translation and Felix
  just finished the German translation.

> How can you help:
> Start a new translation or update an existing one.

  First I will mention that the translation is done via .po files,
  which contain entries like these:

  #: src/gtypist.c:388
  msgid "invalid key binding"
  msgstr "ungültige Tastenkombination"

  The first line is the reference to the source code (sometimes
  containing some context information), the second line is the English
  string to be translated and the third line is the translation (in
  this case German / de.po).

  These can easily be edited with a text editor (vim has syntax
  highlighting, Emacs has a useful mode), but there are also graphical
  editors (on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, ...); please see the links

  Translations exist for:


> To update an existing translation:

  You will need to obtain the existing .po file for your language, in
  one of the following two ways:
  *  Reply to this message, and we will mail it to you
  ** Clone the git repository (readonly) at:
     and look in the po/ directory.

> To start a new translation:

  Reply to this message, and we will create an initial .po file for
  you.  Alternatively, you can do this yourself from the git repo:
  msginit --input=po/gtypist.pot --locale=<iso code> --output=po/<iso
  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us :-)

  Happy holidays,
  Mihai Gătejescu

  PS Many thanks to Felix who patiently answered my questions.

--- End Message ---

Felix Natter

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