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install-data-local scheduling not guaranteed

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: install-data-local scheduling not guaranteed
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 16:01:21 -0700

in branch_release-1-6 ice-9/Makefile.am, we use `install-data-local' to
install "and-let*.scm".  w/ automake 1.5 (no idea what was before), this
frag is run before the rest of the install, and fails if there is no
destination directory already set up.  the failure is masked by the "-"
action prefix, which is fine (considering the reason for using this
mechanism in the first place -- slackful handling of sites where "*" is
not a valid file name).

automake documentation sez:

> Extending installation
> ======================
>    It is possible to extend this mechanism by defining an
> `install-exec-local' or `install-data-local' target.  If these targets
> exist, they will be run at `make install' time.  These rules can do
> almost anything; care is required.
>    Automake also supports two install hooks, `install-exec-hook' and
> `install-data-hook'.  These hooks are run after all other install rules
> of the appropriate type, exec or data, have completed.  So, for
> instance, it is possible to perform post-installation modifications
> using an install hook.

so probably we should use `install-data-hook' instead.  i'll test this
and commit changes shortly, presuming all goes well.


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