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garbled documentation

From: Rouben Rostamian
Subject: garbled documentation
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 13:25:11 -0500

I hope that this bug report is addressed to the right place.  Please
let me know if it is otherwise.

Version: guile--1.6.4
  Guile reference manual: both "info" and TeX formats:
    In the section titled "Bit Vectors":

In the description of bit-set*! we read:

 - Scheme Procedure: bit-set*! v kv obj
 - C Function: scm_bit_set_star_x (v, kv, obj)
     If uve is a bit-vector BV and uve must be of the same length.  If
     BOOL is `#t', uve is OR'ed into BV; If BOOL is `#f', the inversion
     of uve is AND'ed into BV.

     If uve is a unsigned long integer vector all the elements of uve
     must be between 0 and the `length' of BV.  The bits of BV
     corresponding to the indexes in uve are set to BOOL.  The return
     value is unspecified.

This description is garbled.  The procedure arguments are listed
as "v kv obj" while the description refers to "uve, BV, BOOL", etc.

In fact, most descriptions under the section "Bit Vectors" suffer from
the same problem.

Rouben Rostamian

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