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Re: "configure cannot test when cross-compiling" should be ok

From: The Senator
Subject: Re: "configure cannot test when cross-compiling" should be ok
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 12:29:57 +1200

Cool, thanks for the suggestions on the build process. I'll try those,
and hopefully I won't come back with errors.

Incidentally, last time I tried cross-compiling to mingw (a while ago
now) it didn't work.  I think in the end it bombed because mingw
didn't have pthreads and guile wasn't yet setup for no-threads in the
1.8 branch.  :(

Err, damn, lol. Should I use an older version of Guile perhaps? Which
version? (Or alternatively, is it hard to do that setup? I'm expecting
to mess around this a bit, so if it's a straight forward thing to do,
I can see how far I get, and provide feedback on that).

Have a good day.

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