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Re: "configure cannot test when cross-compiling" should be ok

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: "configure cannot test when cross-compiling" should be ok
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 12:05:19 +1000
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"The Senator" <address@hidden> writes:
> eval.c:3248: warning: implicit declaration of function `alloca'
> The relevant line in the c file was I think in the debugging code,

Yes, but it's the debugging evaluator, ie. when you run with --debug
so you can see scheme-level backtraces.

> so what's the best way to fix this?

I'd have thought mingw is supposed to provide alloca.h or something to
give that function.  It's Gnu C so it must exist, as __builtin_alloca
or whatever I suppose.

> I am not sure of the intent of this code. Is FIONREAD being used
> as a test for the presence of ioctl?

I think so.  If the ioctl constant FIONREAD exists then the ioctl
function exists ...

> It doesn't work here because FIONREAD (and more) is also defined in
> winsock...

Thanks.  I'll conditionalize it on ioctl existing too.

I see there's a select() in winsock.h, not sure if that's what should
be used in that bit of code ... maybe not.  I thought DOS did have a
way to ask if there was input waiting on an fd though.

> c:\guileshare/ice-9/documentation.scm:93:28: In expression (make-regexp "^;;; 
> Co
> mmentary:"):
> c:\guileshare/ice-9/documentation.scm:93:28: Unbound variable: make-regexp
> I think I've compiled with regex support (is this supported on
> Windows?),

Probably not unless mingw is providing it somehow.

I see boot-9 loads session.scm which loads documentation.scm which
uses regexps.  Bit annoying that.  I guess nobody's built anywhere
without regexps for a while.  It might work to remove the session line
from boot-9

    (module-use! guile-user-module (resolve-interface '(ice-9 session)))

> should I strip out documentations (a bit drastic)?

You might be able to delete most of the guts of documentation.scm, it
shouldn't get used unless you run `help' or `procedure-documentation'
or whatever.

> I might have a hunt
> around as well for this regex module (been looking).

We can make arrangments to link to some good third party bits.

> On an unrelated note, the LICENSE file (GPL )seems to be inconsistent:
> isn't Guile on an LGPL license?

Yes, for all the library parts.  Test programs and example programs
I'm not so sure, but the bits you need to link into an executable are
supposed to be LGPL.

> Also, I think there's a wine bug (or
> not? not sure) because of this problem when running "wine a.exe"
> fixme:winsock:NtStatusToWSAError Status code c0000024 converted to DOS
> error code 6
> (This is more of a note to self).

Dunno what 6 means.  I assume the exit status is low on the list of
priorities just yet though :-).

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