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bug#13904: A bug in guile's newest documentation.

From: Patrick Pan
Subject: bug#13904: A bug in guile's newest documentation.
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 16:39:41 +0800

6.9.8 Procedures with Setters

A procedure with setter is a special kind of procedure which normally
behaves like any
accessor procedure, that is a procedure which accesses a data
structure. The difference is
that this kind of procedure has a so-called setter attached, which is
a procedure for storing
something into a data structure.
Procedures with setters are treated specially when the procedure
appears in the special
form set! (REFFIXME). How it works is best shown by example.
Suppose we have a procedure called foo-ref, which accepts two
arguments, a value of
type foo and an integer. The procedure returns the value stored at the
given index in the
foo object. Let f be a variable containing such a foo data structure.

Mind the 'REFFIXME'.

Thank you for your time and GREAT JOB.


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