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[PATCH] gnu-maintenance: Improve 'official-gnu-packages'; add related pr

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: [PATCH] gnu-maintenance: Improve 'official-gnu-packages'; add related procedures.
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 06:08:06 +0400

I'm attaching the patch.

> What about calling that field ‘doc-urls’ (plural) and having it hold a
> list of URLs?


By the way, some fields return "none."  Should it be converted to #f?

>> And what's the best way to handle 'doc-shop'?  Can we ignore it?

> What is it?

FSF's shop.

> Perhaps we don’t need it for our purposes?

I think so.

> On Guile < 2.0.7, you’ll get a string, so you can just call
> ‘open-input-string’ to wrap it in a port.

> On later versions, you’ll get a port.

I'm using 2.0.7; 'http-get' returns a string.  I used the following:

+             ((string<=? (version) "2.0.7")
+              (open-input-string data))
+             (else data)))

>> +  (gplv3-status     gnu-package-gplv3-status)
>> +  (activity-status  gnu-package-activity-status)
>> +  (last-contact     gnu-package-last-contact)
>> +  (next-contact     gnu-package-next-contact)
>> +  (note             gnu-package-note))

> I’d remove these 5 fields since Brandon mentioned that at least 2 of
> them are being moved elsewhere, and we don’t need them anyway.


> (It’s surprising that there’s no ‘license’ field in the file.)

I'll ask Karl about this.

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