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bug#24670: Unexpected EOF reading a line (from guix pull) [forward]

From: ng0
Subject: bug#24670: Unexpected EOF reading a line (from guix pull) [forward]
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:21:28 +0000

Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes:

> ng0 <address@hidden> writes:
>> Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes:
>>> ng0 <address@hidden> writes:
>>>> Without adding all of the off-ticket/list email I got: the failure is
>>>> very likely caused by /gnu/store being on a separate partition.
>>> What makes you say this is “very likely” the cause?
>> I summarized the email I got offlist, I should've written this before I
>> started summarizing it.
>> 'Very likely' was not my own finding. This is a case of Gentoo/Guix I
>> can not debug.
> That’s okay, but I’d like to know what makes this the likely cause.  Has
> this behaviour been reproduced on another machine?
> As Guix has no problems with a store on a different partition I don’t
> know if it makes sense to keep this bug report open.  I cannot reproduce
> this on my machines.
> ~~ Ricardo

I'd like to keep it open. Right now I don't have the time to create a VM
to ~roughly~ reproduce this, I am busy with some upcoming personal
events. The bug ended up here, I offered bugs.gentoo.org (as far as I
know gentoo-overlays can use this shared infrastructure), my personal
email and our debbugs, so it makes sense to treat it as unsolved as long
as I wasn't able to reproduce it. However in addition to the "emerge
--info" I already got, I might need further info. Which guix ebuild was
used? "guix-bin" or "guix"?

It is impossible to reproduce exactly the system which caused the bug,
but I will try to reproduce it as good as you can with Gentoo.
I will assume (the unlikely case) that there are no package specific
use-flags set and just copy more or less what the emerge --info spit
out.. but this will take time (going from stage3 to that particular
stage4...). Otherwise I would accept a stage4 of the system, but I don't
know how much developing on Gentoo experience dian_cecht has. Creating
your own stage4 is documented but it still requires uploading this
stage4 somewhere.
Furthermore, dian_cecht could you give me the exact chain of commands
you made up to the point of failure (or where you are right now)
starting from emerge guix? This would really help to reproduce the
problem. If you are not able to reconstruct this, please try to recall
what you did and describe it. All I've got so far is feedback on what's
broken not how it got to be broken.


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