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bug#25758: Should zathura depend on zathura-pdf-poppler?

From: Mekeor Melire
Subject: bug#25758: Should zathura depend on zathura-pdf-poppler?
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 18:01:22 +0100

zathura is a document viewer:

        synopsis: Lightweight keyboard-driven PDF viewer
        description: Zathura is a customizable document viewer.  It provides a 
minimalistic interface and an interface that mainly focuses on keyboard 

Meanwhile, when you only install zathura itself, it's not usable for any 
format. You have to install zathura-pdf-poppler in order to be able to open PDF 

So, shouldn't zathura depend on zathura-pdf-poppler so that PDFs are viewable 
by default?

On IRC, we agreed that zathura should depend on zathura-pdf-poppler:

        <mekeor> i just installed 'zathura', a PDF viewer. it doesn't work. i 
get this error first: "could not open plugin directory". can anyone reproduce 
        <mekeor> oh, i think i have to additionally install another package.
        <mekeor> zathura-pdf-poppler
        <lfam> mekeor: If that's the cause, we should fix it!
        <mekeor> lfam: yes, it was the cause.
        <mekeor> lfam: there are several different backends for zathura. it's 
imaginable that a person wants to install zathura without PDF support but only 
postscript support, isn't it?
        <lfam> mekeor: It's imaginable, but we generally intend to provide 
fully featured packages
        <Sleep_Walker> question is - is there anyone who would like to have 
zathura and not zathura-pdf-poppler?
        <Sleep_Walker> and I agree that it is unlikely
        <Sleep_Walker> that is moment where weaker dependency like 'recommends' 
would come handy

If you have a different opinion, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to send a 
patch next week which implements this dependency.

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