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bug#25759: Should 'surf' depend on 'xprop' and 'dmenu'?

From: Mekeor Melire
Subject: bug#25759: Should 'surf' depend on 'xprop' and 'dmenu'?
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 18:12:05 +0100

The Guix package for the 'surf' browser (from suckless project) does not depend 
on the packages 'xprop' and 'dmenu'.

Thus, when you only install 'surf' (and do not have 'xprop' and 'dmenu' 
installed), you can only open a new URL, by re-running 'surf' with that new URL 
as command-line argument, like "surf example.org". But it's not possible to 
open a new URL from within 'surf' itself because that requires both 'xprop' and 
'dmenu'. This is comprehensible in these lines of the code:

On #guix IRC channel, we agreed that 'surf' should depend on these packages:

        <mekeor> the package for the 'surf' browser (from suckless) has a 
similar issue: if you only install surf, you can't open a new URL within the 
browser because that requires the xprop package.  what do you think about that 
        <Sleep_Walker> you mean dmenu, right?
        <mekeor> Sleep_Walker: yeah, that would be awesome
        <Sleep_Walker> ah
        <Sleep_Walker> right
        <mekeor> Sleep_Walker: uhm... i'm not sure. maybe it's both?
        <Sleep_Walker> ctrl+l
        <Sleep_Walker> that IIRC runs dmenu to have URL entered
        <mekeor> Sleep_Walker: it's Ctrl-g for me
        <Sleep_Walker> and yes, that should be fixed as well
        <Sleep_Walker> mekeor: right
        <mekeor> alright.

Unless you have a different opinion, I'm going to submit a patch next week 
which implements this dependency.

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