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bug#27067: Reply to Arun Isaac's reply

From: Brenton Horne
Subject: bug#27067: Reply to Arun Isaac's reply
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 03:05:58 +1000


Thanks. This feature would still be useful though, but your idea makes it less urgent. Automatic logging still sounds like a good idea as the Guix package manager is quite slow for some operations at the moment (not criticising the developers of Guix, after all at this early stage of development issues like this are to be expected), for me at least running GuixSD in a QEMU VM with 8 GB RAM and 3 CPU cores (3.3 GHz i7 cores), so it might save users interested in filing bug reports a lot of time (on re-running the problem command with `| tee output.log` after it) if the output was logged automatically. Saving users time will probably mean users will be far more motivated and able to provide bug reports on issues they experience, which is good for the entire Guix community as bugs would get reported and resolved faster.

Thanks for your time,

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