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bug#33676: GuixSD on eoma68-a20?

From: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
Subject: bug#33676: GuixSD on eoma68-a20?
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 02:04:59 +0000

hi folks,

good to see there's progress on this.  do make sure to use a UHC Class
10 micro-sd card (the ones that say they are 75-80mbytes/sec), they
will happily run at 20-25mbytes/sec read/write speed, which is about
the same speed as an SSD from around 2012.

you should get a boot to xfce4 or lxde of around 20-25 seconds: again,
comparable with a budget processor from around 5-8 years ago (which is
what this is).  for god's sake don't peddle gnome3 or kde4 at
end-users.  the performance will be absolutely atrocious, absolutely

yes, the idea is to upgrade (and sell or repurpose the old one).  this
is the *first* in the series.

for building can i recommend using "-Wl,--no-keep-memory" and report
if it helps, here:

there is a slow-boil linker problem which is similar to the "640k
should be enough for anybody" - all of the quotes historic quotes
techniques which used to be implemented to make it possible to link
programs where there is not enough virtual or physical memory have
been ripped out because "4GB should be enough for anybody".

firefox now requires a staggering SEVEN GIGABYTES to successfully
link.  this is insane.  please do try that linker option because
otherwise people will believe that 32-bit hardware needs to be
destroyed, due to it being utterly useless.


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