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Re: [Bug-gv] error opening files on other directories

From: jemarch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gv] error opening files on other directories
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:34:21 +0100

Hans Fredrik Nordhaug writes:
    On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 04:41:48PM +0100, address@hidden wrote:
    >     Consider this: we always call the gs interpreter with:
    >         gs -DSAFER -DDELAYSAFER
    >     (the arguments passed to gv are controlled by resources on GV, by the 
    >     so:
    >         - old gs's will happily ignore DELAYSAFER setting the safe state.
    >         - With new gs the DELAYSAFER takes precedence over SAFER (tested).
    >     and regarding PS files, gv can omit the -DDELAYSAFER option when not
    >     reading a PDF.
    >     So i think the solution is complete.
    > I just commited a patch that implement this solution.
    > gv only add -DDELAYSAFER to the gs invocation if the ps file has been
    > generated by using pdf2dsc.ps.
    I like this approach - a minimal change, and no visible change for the
    users. The "safer" button still has meaning...
The "safer" button/resource/commandline has the same user-visible
semantics as always: do a safe inspection of the file.

It is funny: pdf2dsc.ps is updated to work with GPL gs 8.15 (it
correctly uses the new DELAYSAFER option). But the tools that call
pdf2dsc should do not aware such option when processing the
_generated_ dsc file.

gv now do this, and this is great! :P

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