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Re: [Bug-gv] gv 3.6.0 is quite buggy

From: jemarch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gv] gv 3.6.0 is quite buggy
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 11:09:31 +0100

    > But there are several positive consequences from all this negative
    > feedbak: more bug reports to fix (more people testing the program) and
    > a learning experience for me.
    > So lets go for a bugfixing 3.6.1 release.
    Agreed. Have you added (after sorting) the bug reports you forwarded to this
    list, to the bug tracker?


A task i am doing now is to substitute all command line arguments with
GNU compliant ones:

    --verbatim for -verbatim

The only mandatory non-standard argument are standard X ones like
-geometry and -display

I plan to include support for both argument schemes on the next

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