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[Bug-hurd] More bugs with the Hurd.

From: Prabhu Ramachandran
Subject: [Bug-hurd] More bugs with the Hurd.
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 11:26:47 +0530 (IST)


        After adding the printk's to gnumach I went back to the kernel 
with just ne2000 and booted up.  I have the following bugs to report.

(1) After detection of hardware, it does a quick partition check and
then before doing an fsck it prints something like the following

hd04: badd access block=28 count=2 blockend=30 <something else I 
couldnt note>
end request I/0 <blah blah>

After the error messg it seems to work fine.  I am able to login etc.
I dont know how to note the messages since it goes by too fast and I
cant do Shift+PageUp nor is there a dmesg. :( I could try in single
user mode though.  I have added my linux swap partition and it loads
it up fine.  I have no idea what this error is or if it is serious at

Here is some information on my hardware and disk partitioning.  I have
only a single hard disk. And linux says:

hda: ST38410A, 8223MB w/512kB Cache, CHS=1048/255/63, UDMA

/gnu is on hd0s12.  BTW I use reiserfs on most of my partitions but
should that be a problem?  /dev/hda2 is my swap partition.

$ mount

/dev/hda1 on / type ext2 (rw,errors=remount-ro,errors=remount-ro)
/dev/hda3 on /usr type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda5 on /usr/local type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda6 on /home type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda7 on /var type reiserfs (rw)
/dev/hda8 on /tmp type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda9 on /usr/local/software type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda10 on /skratch type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda11 on /usr/local/mp3 type reiserfs (rw,noatime)
/dev/hda12 on /gnu type ext2 (rw,noatime)


(2) I then did the following

login root

# cd /dev

# MAKDEV hd0s{1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11}

it works fine.  I was able to ls, ls -la the /dev/ dir and no
problems.  Now I tried the following


# ls
<no problems>

# ls -l

It automatically rebooted after 10-15 secs and I traced the problem to
fd0.  So ls /dev/fd0 works fine but ls -l /dev/fd0 crashes Hurd,
repeatably.  Even rm /dev/fd0 crashes.  I will remove the file from
within linux later.

Would appreciate any help.


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