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Re: Port to PowerPC

From: Peter Bruin
Subject: Re: Port to PowerPC
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 01 22:05:19 +0100

>>> The only problems are related to writing the PowerPC specific hurd
>>> code in the C library (the rest of the PowerPC specific code could be
>>> identical to the Linux PowerPC code), and the differences between
>>> GNUMach and the version of Mach used by Apple.  Some of the interfaces
>>> have been changed, I believe the MiG protocols have been changed, and
>>> Apple replaced the old Mach device interface with the IOkit.
>A few problems that you might not be aware of:
>1) Dariwn isn't a micro-kernel.
>2) Hurd is a set of servers running on top of a micro-kernel. Currently that
>micro-kernel is GNU/Mach.
>Port GNU/Mach to ppc.

That isn't necessary, because Mach 3.0 already works on PPC. I am working 
to get the Hurd running on it (although I haven't made much progress for 
a few months because of a hardware problem).

The Hurd could be ported to Darwin (it has most of the Mach interface), 
but then support needs to be added everywhere for the IOKit and other 
things changed by Apple.


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