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Re: [PATCH] settrans -gl only kills the active translator

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: [PATCH] settrans -gl only kills the active translator
Date: 14 May 2001 23:09:20 +0200

Neal H Walfield <neal@cs.uml.edu> writes:

> > As for the shell command settrans, I think that -f should timeout, and
> > if nothing happens then repeat the call with the new flag attached.
> > Perhaps there should be a new flag with the current meaning of -f
> > (that is, set the FORCE bit, but don't bypass the goaway process).
> I do not agree: the new bit (disconnect) means disconnect the active
> translator from the filesystem while fsys_goaway means shutdown (i.e.
> call exit).  Adding the FORCE bit means shutdown even if there are
> users.  This, in my mind, is orthogonal to disconnecting the active
> translator from the filesystem and, furthermore, the latter does not
> imply the former.

I think your reasoning is right for the flag bits, but not for the UI.
The reason for using --force in the first place is most likely that
the translator is in the way (perhaps the user wants to set up a new
active translator), and the user doesn't mind some damage being done
in the process. I.e. "--force" means "get out of my way, dammit!". If
that requires disconnecting an unresponsive translator, --force should
do that.

In the user's toolbox, --force is the crowbar, not the lock pick.

(To me, it would even make some sense to have --force also kill -9 on
the translator process (which would be a more drastic alternative to
using your new DISCONNECT flag), but I don't have the experience to
say that is really the right thing).


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