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Why GNU Mach is so different?

From: Ciro Cavani
Subject: Why GNU Mach is so different?
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 04:39:03 -0200
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Hi, (and sorry my awful english...)

I want to work with GNU Mach to impove it, but I still very new like developer to can help. Even so I start trying to read the source code... but I was not successful in understand the "principles" and other basic stuffs... Now, I am reading (and studing) all docs that I could find about CMU Mach UX e US, OSF e Utah Mach . I read old massages from lists too and I strange that many important stuffs in research and others implementation (like NORMA IPC, SMP, RT, ports...) are missing in the official distibution (CVS). Why? Will be need to develop this stuffs again? I want to work with distributed systems and clusters until the finish of my course (college). I know that many work are being done with L4, but in my understanding, when someone say that L4 is "working in process", I see in Mach work done with many tests, researches and results waiting to be improved and used. Others thoughts that I had, are about the Corba (I read something and nothing more), modules for devices drives (like linux); those things are better implemented on kernel or is possible on user space?

I know that some ideas can be wrong... after some mounths trying contribute to GNU/Hurd, I concluded that more study about OS is necessary before I try something.... but I keep trying...


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