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Re: Why GNU Mach is so different?

From: node
Subject: Re: Why GNU Mach is so different?
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 21:14:38 +0000 (GMT)
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Quoting Farid Hajji <farid.hajji@ob.kamp.net>:

> > technical features you need, there is, for example, the requirement to
> have
> > a network-wide unique process id for a task.  Thomas calls such a
> network
> > of Hurd systems a "collective".  I guess if you want to do
> distributed
> > systems in a Hurdish way, collectives are the way to go.  The concept
> exists
> > only in Thomas head, though, so you will have to nag him a bit to tell
> us
> > about his ideas.
> Network-wide unique identifiers like task-IDs, ports, etc... are a
> nice
> thing to have. One idea may be to organize all nodes of a collective
> in a distributed kind of (hurdisch) filesystem. IDs would then be
> simple paths and could be located with some kind of distributed
> lookup() functionality:
>   /collective1/                             # namespace for collective #1
>   /collective1/ipc/                         # ipc namespace (ports...)
>   /collective1/ipc/machine1/                # ipc namespace for machine1
>   /collective1/ipc/machine1/port1
>   /collective1/ipc/machine1/port2
>   ...
>   /collective1/vm/                          # namespace for VM objects
>   /collective1/vm/machine1/vmobject1
>   /collective1/vm/machine2/vmobject25
>   ...

Would not

   /collective1/                             # namespace for collective #1
   /collective1/ipc/                         # ipc namespace (ports...)

be more useful?


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