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Re: core file writing

From: Jon Arney
Subject: Re: core file writing
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 16:38:42 -0700


Since you said it's not really very hard to do, I thought I'd make
an attempt at it with your permission.

I am guided by other elf core writers (such as Linux's) and it seems
to be going ok for now, but I have a couple of questions if you have
any clues.

I thought I'd make it an elf-core file (since Hurd uses elf files
for executables) and perhaps leave some hooks in for other exec
formats. (a.out,etc)  Creating the header info seems not too difficult
using proc_getprocinfo and company, but I'm a little confused on how
to get access to the user register state and the VM for the process.

I thought perhaps proc_getexecdata might be correct, but then I thought
perhaps I should ask someone first.

Any clues?  In the mean time, I'll look at the 'gdb' and 'libps' source

Roland McGrath wrote:
> > Well, another thing that would certainly be useful to have is support for
> > core files.  The crash server works today, we just don't have a sensible
> > core file format, and a function that dumps such a core file (and another
> > function that allows gdb to read it back).
> This is not really very hard to do at all.

Jonathan S. Arney
Software Engineer
(602) - 589 - 6654

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