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Re: removing an ext2fs file forces disk activity

From: Philip Dodd
Subject: Re: removing an ext2fs file forces disk activity
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 16:18:05 +0100

One of the things I first noticed when running the Hurd (particularly
because it was running with an old and very noisy HD) was the incredible
amount of disk activity compared with exactly the same box running any other
OS.  This is of course an entirely subjective expression of opinion, and
should of course be taken as such :)

Philip DODD

> I just found out that
> while touch /tmp/foo; do rm /tmp/foo; done
> causes a lot of disk activity.  Further tests showed that the disk is
> activated for each rm.  Is this a hard requirement?  In Linux, the loop
> above does not cause any disk activity (except at the beginning and
> maybe at the end), it seems to be done completely in the cache.

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