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Re: removing an ext2fs file forces disk activity

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: removing an ext2fs file forces disk activity
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 10:23:25 -0500
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On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 04:18:05PM +0100, Philip Dodd wrote:
> One of the things I first noticed when running the Hurd (particularly
> because it was running with an old and very noisy HD) was the incredible
> amount of disk activity compared with exactly the same box running any other
> OS.  This is of course an entirely subjective expression of opinion, and
> should of course be taken as such :)

Well, of course we know about this problem in general.  And trust me
that it has been worse two years ago :)   Linux has a very superb
caching for the filesystem, while we have no equivalent caching (we just
have the pager).  However, I was wondering about whether this particular
sequence of commands requires disk activity.  Maybe it's just a bug
somewhere that can be fixed.

Implementing a proper caching strategy would be a very good task, but it
is not easy.


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