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Re: gnumach2 and pcmcia

From: Daniel Wagner
Subject: Re: gnumach2 and pcmcia
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 23:34:13 +0100
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Here some steps how you get pcmcia working. All steps can be done on a
normal GNU/Linux system (no cross compiler needed).

1. Download oskit-20020317 from directly from [1] or better from
   Debian [2]. 
   If you downloaded directly from [1], don't forget to apply the Debian
   patches (can be downloaded from Debian or from my web site [3])

2. Download gnumach (cvs version). 
   # cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@subversions.gnu.org:/cvsroot/hurd login [ENTER] 
   # cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@subversions.gnu.org:/cvsroot/hurd co gnumach

3. Download the pcmcia patch for oskit [4] and the patch for gnumach
   which enables pcmcia [5].

   There are also few other patches which might be interesting [6].
     gnumach-oskit-path.patch: adds --with-oskit options to configure
     gnumach-gdb-trap-stub.patch: adds a new kernel trap (see Igor's
        HowTo for gnumach debugging [7])
4. I assume here, you downloaded the OSKit source from [1].
   # tar xfvz oskit-20020317.tar.gz 
   # tar xfvz oskit-20020317-misc-patches.tar.gz
   # cat 0?-* | patch -p 0
   # bzcat oskit+pcmcia-20021114.patch.bz2 | patch -p0
   # mkdir -p build/oskit-20020317 && cd build/oskit-20020317
   # ../../oskit-20020317/configure --enable-debug
   # make && make install

5. I had some problems gnumach finding oskit, therefore I wrote a
   small patch (gnumach-oskit-patch.patch) which adds --with-oskit=PATH to
   gnumach. It's not likely you need it. Just in case...
   # cat gnumach-oskit-path.patch | patch -p 0
6. # cat gnumach-oskit+pcmcia.patch | patch -p 0
   # mkdir build/gnumach && cd build/gnumach
   # CVSFLAG="-g -O2" ../../gnumach/configure --with-oskit=PATH
   # make
   # cp kernel /gnu/boot/gnumach

This version of gnumach comes with debugging symbols, which is quite
usefull if you want to debug :)

For those whose pcmcia cards are not detected and you want me to make
oskit-pcmcia recognize your cards you have to send me the *exact*
output form cardctl under GNU/Linux, e.g.

  wagi@aragorn:~$ cardctl ident
  Socket 0:
    no product info available
  Socket 1:
    product info: "3Com", "OfficeConnect 572B", "B", "001"
    manfid: 0x0101, 0x0574
    function: 6 (network)

And then it would usefull to know which driver is bind to your
card. If you have pcmcia support for Linux as modules configured than
a lsmod might help, e.g.

  wagi@aragorn:~$ lsmod
  Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
  3c574_cs               10368   1
  ds                      6720   2 [3c574_cs]


[1] http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/oskit/
[2] http://www.debian.org
[3] http://www.vis.ethz.ch/~wagi/oskit/oskit-20020317-misc-patches.tar.gz
[4] http://www.vis.ethz.ch/~wagi/oskit/oskit+pcmcia-yyyymmdd.patch.bz2
[5] http://www.vis.ethz.ch/~wagi/oskit/gnumach-oskit+pcmcia.patch
[6] http://www.vis.ethz.ch/~wagi/oskit
[7] http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Mach/RemoteDebugOskitMach

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