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Re: Glibc make check results

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: Glibc make check results
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:24:21 -0800

> assert/test-assert-perr.out
>   Blank file

It's always empty.  Do you mean it exitted with nonzero?

> math/test-fenv.out
>   Test: after fesetenv (FE_NOMASK_ENV) processes will abort
>         when feraiseexcept (FE_INVALID) is called.
>      Fail: Process didn't receive signal and exited with status 4.
>   (13 Failures similar to this)
> obj/math/test-misc.out
>   Only 54 of the 32830 lines are "okay" the rest are mantissa incorrect
> math/test-fpucw.out
>   control word is 0x23f but should be 0x33f.

I imagine this explains the other math results, which otherwise should not
differ from Linux/x86.  I put in a change to init-first.c that might fix it.

> libio/tst_wprintf2.out [Error 139]
>   Blank file (is 139 a segfault?)

Yes, it is.

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