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Re: New user

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: New user
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 12:36:52 +0200

   Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 00:02:46 -0700
   From: Andrej Czapszys <czapszys@attbi.com>
   X-Accept-Language: en-us, en
   Sender: bug-hurd-bounces+ams=kemisten.nu@gnu.org

   Hello.  I'm relatively new to the Hurd.  After building from CVS, I'm 
   rather impressed with the current state.  That being said, I was mildly 
   surprised at the lack of these features:
   * devfs
   * procfs
   * /etc/ld.so.conf
   * /dev/random, /dev/urandom
   * /sbin/route

   So, my question is, is anyone working on these and if not, can
   anyone give me some pointers on where to start?

AFAIK nobody is working on the above things.  As to where to start you
might want to check the mailing-list archives.

   I'd say that /etc/ld.so.conf support is most important to me, since
   local development based on third-party (oddly placed) libs can
   become nightmare-ish without it.

ld.so.conf is Linux specific hack, the plan is to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH
for now.  And when the upcomming ELF standard is released we will use
RUNPATH.  Speaking of which, does anyone know when that ELF standard
will be released, if it has not been released already?

   On a different note, since I personally find time-oriented goals to
   be helpful, is there some sort of roadmap or equivalent detailing
   when we would like certain features to be

Look at the TODO file in the Hurd source tree.

   In particular, what is expected of the "1.0" release mentioned on
   the gnu.org website?

Where is it mentioned?  Can't see it from here.

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