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Re: Ext2fs 2GB limit status?

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: Ext2fs 2GB limit status?
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 19:51:23 +0300
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Marco Gerards wrote:
Ok. Perhaps it is interesting to discuss journaling.  AFAIK Linux has
some journaling code shared by all filesystems.

It doesn't. There is an "universal" JBD layer that is designed to be used by any filesystem, but currently only ext3 uses it.

Perhaps it is useful to extend libdiskfs with such feature.

I'm still on the block layer, but changing libdiskfs to support journalling seems almost inevitable for ext3fs support at first glance.

Perhaps you can share some
code for removing the 2GB limit too?  I think it is a waste of time to
fix the limit for every individual filesystem.

Actually, fixing the 2G limit was just a step towards ext3fs for me. It helped me a lot to go deeper in ext2 and the Hurd. In ext3fs, there will be much more changes in the block layer, which (if core developers like it) will be integrated in ext2fs. I even think about integrating some kind of soft deps, like in BSDs. But for now, it is much more important to have _some_ ext2fs without this stupid limit that makes others laugh at us. Unfortunately, ext3fs must be finished ASAP for personal reasons.

I'm even thinking about how easy it is, if this is really general, to
add journaling and ordered writes to filesystems that don't even
officially support this by just having a nice journaling
layer. (This is just a random thought that is possibly quite useless).

That's the idea of JBD, but noone uses it in this way yet. It's not an easy job to journal random filesystem with JBD, though.


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