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an appeal

From: um62gambari
Subject: an appeal
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 10:16:20 -0800

>From Barr. Umar Gambari (SAN)

UmarChambers Lagos

Fax: 23417595850


I know, for sure, that this appeal would come to you as a big 
surprise. It was a matter of urgency and lack of an alternative that 
I decided to take the only option available, by contacting you. My 
name is Barr. Umar Gambari(SAN), the family lawyer to the late Gen 
Sanni Abacha former military head of state of the Federal Republic 
of Nigeria, who died in 1998. I am compelled by situation so seek 
you assistance in an issue that demand both sympathy and urgency.

Following the ushering in of the new civilian Government, the 
incumbent president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, ordered for the 
confiscation of my client property within and outside the country 
and freezing of his bank account amounting to billions of dollars 
stashed away in Swiss bank and other banks overseas because it was 
alleged that he embezzled public fund. This case is being contested 
in court because it is very evident that the action of the Olusegun 
Obasanjo, in the name of Federal Government of Nigeria is an act of 
vendetta, targeted at the family of my client, for sending him 
(Olusegun Obasanjo) to jail.

During his regime my client actually had a lot of foreign investments
and accounts, which were known to him and his aids. One of such
accounts hold $30,500,000 (thirty Million Five hundred Thousand
United states Dollars) in cash, which was in two trunks boxes,
deposited with a security company in Europe as personal effects and
artifacts. The documents relating to this deposit that 
were presented to me, show that the deposit was made in the name of
his son, Mohammed, who is currently facing litigations. His
international passport has been seized to prevent him from traveling
abroad. My client family has suffered humiliation and their
fundamental human rights have been denied by this government. Just
recently Mohammed was released from detention.

In view of this I was accosted by Mrs. Mariam Abacha, the wife of the
late head of state, to negotiate with a reliable foreign partner who
can claim the consignment from this security company in Europe. Your
major assistance is not just claiming the fund but investing it in
any profitable business venture that you can manage comfortably.
However, if you are not interested in going into business partnership
with my client you can just claim the fund and negotiate your
percentage for the assistance. My client is willing to part with 25%
of the total sum to any one who can assist, and 5% for any  fund into
your account. Should there be no expenses incurred, which is most
likely, the 5% shall be shared equally between you and my client.
Therefore I am soliciting your assistance in this transaction, which
I can assure you to be 100% risk free in my capacity as the family
lawyer. The legitimacy and legality of this request is well founded,
and as such you stand no risk for assistin
 g. The only favour I will ask of you is, not to discuss this
proposal with anyone, so as not cause a huge loss to my client who
have already suffered to many loses. 


Yours faithfully 

Barr.Umar Gambari (SAN)  

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