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Filesystem synchronization problem

From: soeren . d . schulze
Subject: Filesystem synchronization problem
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 16:33:45 +0200 (MEST)

Hi hackers,

I am having a problem with my ext2 filesystem. Sometimes at shutdown it
seems not to be unmounted correctly. After printing all the shutdown
messages, the system hangs then for some seconds. At the next startup, fsck
tells wants me to repair the filesystem manually i.e. it is pretty broken.

I did some research on the problem: On some system runs the explicit "sync"
call fails (it does not react and I have to kill it with ^C). When i try to
shut down (halt or reboot) after, the problem with the filesystem appears.
So it must be a sync problem.

Modifying data on a running but unsyncable FS has completely destroyed some
installations of mine.

Google told me I am not the only user having this problem:
The description sounds similar to mine. I will try to contact the sender.
I found some more descriptions once, but unfortunately I had not added a
bookmark for them and I have cleaned my browser address cache.

Currently I am running a Debian GNU/Hurd installation via crosshurd but the
problem also appeared with installations from the ISOs that were destroyed
by it ...


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