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Re: Filesystem synchronization problem

From: Sören Schulze
Subject: Re: Filesystem synchronization problem
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 14:53:46 +0200 (MEST)

> Can you set up a second filesystem and try to sync only that one (I am
> not sure how to do that).  When sync hangs, can you check what makes
> it hang and what is going on in ext2fs?

Hm, I see no option at sync which provides an FS choice.
> You can do this by attaching gdb to ext2fs.  Make sure you have
> debugging symbols.  I'd like to see at least a backtrace of every
> thread and all other stuff that might seem useful.

I think Debian strips the binaries, but it sometimes provides packages with
unstripped binaries seperatedly.
But I do not have much experiences with gdb (typical DDD candy-ass ...) and
I think understanding the manual could take hours.
And even if I understood it, I would probably not do that what you actually
wanted me to.
Could you tell me how to do it simply?

> > Modifying data on a running but unsyncable FS has completely destroyed
> some
> > installations of mine.
> We talked on IRC about this, do you only get the problem with
> `reboot'?

When sync hung (I have only once made it hang (but the shutdown process
never hung when I did sync before successfully), so it is not really sure),
I tried `halt' to test that. And it was the same result as with `reboot'


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