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spam filtering on the hurdextras lists

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: spam filtering on the hurdextras lists
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:36:39 -0500
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| 23:59 <ams> tschwinge: I was going to make you project admin of hurdextras,
|            but you obviously lack the stuff that takes to be a project admin.

How did you get to that conclusion?

| 23:59 <ams> (you are still on ignore, if you want to say anything use mail)

Interesting technique, but--oh, well--I'm flexible.

| 00:03 <ams> Infact, what I _should_ do is bitch at you for taking matters into
|            your own hands without the consent of the maintainer of
|            hurdextras, i.e. Me (and Jim if he still does any of that stuff).

Knowing your position about the spam-handling stuff was not hard at all,
given that you initiated it on the other Hurd-related mailing lists.

Some time ago you gave me the Mailman passwords for hurdextras-commit and
hurdextras-hackers, and thusly made me to a quasi mailadmin.

So, asking Bob to also set up spam filtering for these lists was a
logical consequence when I recently browsend through all the spam using
the web interface.

What to do with hurd-devel-readers@gnu.org?  Shouldn't posting to that
list generally be prohibited?


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